Laser cutting of PETG 5 mm thick - a mechanical part
Laser cutting of PETG 5 mm thick - a mechanical part

PETG (PolyEthlene Terephtalate Glycol) is a thermoplastic polymer and is also known as co-polyster. It is the same as PET with a glycol supplement and is characterized by excellent transparency and light transmission, toughness and high resistance to impact even at low temperatures (impact better than acrylic and has lower cost than polycarbonate). It also has good resistance to chemicals and oils, easy to process and is relatively transparent.

Laser cutting of PETG

The PETG results in fine edges and maintains its transparency when is laser cut . The quality of the incision is fine where no signs of flaking or chips can be found. The material comes in thicknesses of 1-3 mm.

Laser Engraving of PETG

Laser engraving PETG results in clear marks, as the material loses its transparency in the engraved area.

Applications - Various stands, display facilities, glazing protection, packaging and more.

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