Laser Engraving on a Leather bar - a designed Architects ruller
Laser Engraving on a Leather bar - a designed Architects ruller

Leather is a natural and relatively expensive raw material used in many fields, especially in the field of clothing and fashion. Because of its high price, it is used mainly by boutiques businesses for creating luxury fashion accessories. Leather is durable and strong material and so it is commonly used when protection qualities are needed such as for the use of bikers protection clothing, and in other products where these properties are required. Leather comes in a variety of thicknesses, colors and textures. There are synthetic Leathers, usually cheaper, natural-looking.

Laser cutting of Leather

Leather as well as synthetic Leather Can be laser cut as long as it does not contain PVC in it, which emits toxic gases when being laser cut. Laser cutting of leather is usually quick (and therefore cheap), very precise and opens many possibilities for designs that can not be achieved in other way. As leather is a flexible material, it is possible to actually insert large sheets into the machine even when it exceeds the work area (250cmX130cm).

Applications - Bags and purses, footwear, clothing, key chains, accessories and decoration, belts, jewelry, upholstery, interior design, storage boxes, luxury book covers, tiles, lampshades and other products.

Laser engraving on Leather

Leather can be laser engraved to different depths and laser cut accurately so it is ideal to combine those two processes when designing a product. For best results we have to make sure that the Leather is as flat as possible. As a natural material each Leather reacts a bit differently and the results depends on the type and on previous processes. We can engrave on different Leathers any kind of graphic such as logos, text or even a picture. The results usually looks similar to what is achieved by heat stamping.

Applications - bags and purses with personal branding, leather tags, leather labels, engraving on premium cases, logo etching onto leather products, leather fashion accessories, luxurious signage and more.

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