The plywood, is a panel composed of layers of wood stuck together as the fibers of each layer are perpendicular to those adjacent to it. This structure gives the board a lot of strength and prevents distortions, making it more stable relative solid wood. There are many types of plywood that differ from one another in the type of wood, the number of layers that are combined in the board, the thickness of each layer, the type of glue used and more. Plywood is usually composed of an odd number of layers, while the exterior layers are usually made of a better quality wood in terms of perfection and finish.

Common types of plywood are available:

Poplar plywood - soft and lightweight plywood, with only a few layers. Considered inexpensive and widespread comes in a number of thicknesses.
Birch plywood - considered the highest quality plywood in the market. A large number of layers and strong adhesives makes it strengthful and durable, as well as relatively heavy. The birch Has a beautiful yet gentle pattern.
Okuma plywood (Red) - also called 'Red Sandwich'. There are several types of okuma: french, royal and super okuma.
Aviation plywood - A plywood with a large number of thin layers, which provides high strength relative to low weight. Due to its high strength to weight ratio this plywood is used mainly in the field of aviation.

Laser cutting of plywood

The layered structure of the plywood makes it more homogenic than solid wood that combines hard areas (denser fibers) and soft areas and thus very suitable for laser cutting. Soft wood plywood and soft adhesives such as poplar will be cut easier than plywood that is bonded with stronger adhesives such as birch plywood. Another benefit of laser cut technology is comparison to milling is the ability to create sharp corners, so cutting letters out of plywood (and other materials as well) can be executed with any font, maintaining its original design.

Uses - Parts of models, parts of architectural models, miniatures assemblies, furniture parts, prototypes, wooden boxes, enclosures, wooden displays and more.

Laser engraving on plywood

Plywood is often the right choice for laser engraving. Both vector graphics and photos can be engraved beautifully on the plywood surface. Different types of wood will result in different tones of engraving dependent on its color, density, oil and moist content etc.

Main uses - promotional products, branded display stands, wooden signs, interior design, wooden boxes, engraving on boxes, branding wooden gift boxes, engraving logo on wine enclosures and more.

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