Laser cutting of packaging

The world of consumerism surrounds us with so many types and colors of packaging that when we encounter a good package we immediately know how to admire it and feel that it is a "quality" product.

Packaging may have several functions:

  1. Maintaining the product from the end of the production stage, through the transportation, displaing it and to the stage of using it.
  2. Combine several products together.
  3. To catch the attention of the customer and make the produce "desirable" by him.
  4. Provide product information (caloric value, assembly instructions, etc.).
  5. Help in selling other products in the series.
  6. Produce an image / brand / luxury value.

From this partial list it can be understood that good packaging has a significant matter in the success of the product, and that the packaging selection process serves as an opportunity to add great value to the product itself. Packaging in which design has been invested thought and creativity can be the difference between a product that sell by the hundreds and not selling at all.

Laser cutting of Customized package for wedding gifts
Laser cutting of Customized package for wedding gifts

What is packaging design?

The field of packaging design lies on the seam between visual design and product design. Packaging designers are required to control both the graphic media (2D) in order to convey a certain message and in the 3D understanding of the product, including reference to the material, volume, mode of use and more. A good packaging is the one that cleverly combines both fields and increases the value of the product, as perceived by the user.

Packaging design begins by understanding the requirements of the packaged product and creating packaging characterization. Depending on this characterization we decide on the selection of materials, packaging structure, volume and weight. The main parameters influencing these decisions are:

  1. Cost considerations (the more expensive the product, the more money you can spend on the packing).
  2. Dimensions - Volume, weight and even structure (square packaging can be transported and stored very efficiently).
  3. Graphics - You can print easily and cheaply on paper-based packages.
  4. Location on the shelf.

What are the advantages of laser cut packaging?

Most of the packages we encounter every day are made of paper. Most of them have a printing pattern and have been cut by a automatic cutting machine which uses knife, which has an economic advantage when it comes to manufacturing in large series, however, in many cases we prefer to use laser futting technology in the following matters:

  1. For the packaging development phase, which includes a trial and error process until the final version is reached.
  2. When it comes to small series, and the cost of making the cutting knife is relatively high.
  3. When seeking to personalize the package.
  4. When you want to get a slightly different package each time (One of a Kind).
  5. When it is not possible to produce a Knife for the cutting of complex and very detailed graphics.
  6. When it is necessary to produce packaging in non-paper materials, such as plastic, wood, various cartons, rubber, silicon, textiles and leather.

Laser cutting allows high levels of accuracy and control of the cutting intensity. As your product requires more careful and customized packaging, consider laser cutting your package.