Laser cutting in the signage industry

We are all increasingly exposed to a wide and growing range of signage, whether on the street, at malls or in the offices we visit. This wealth of information makes us more discerning about the quality of the signs and psychologically creates a sense of security and quality, in the product and brand that the sign presents. In fact, sometimes we feel that we have the ability to recognize a good sign.

The signs have a clear role in providing information, such as: intention, publication of the business name, orientation in space (street, building, etc.).
Another aspect of the signage role, and no less important, is the image the company want to make when creating a new brand. A properly and professionally designed sign captures the eye, conveys comfort and confidence in the customer / visitor in relation to the business, creating a sense that this is a quality place that takes care of the small details. Designing signage for businesses requires great thought, planning and creativity in order to convey the message that you want to convey. Needless to say, the same thing happens when it comes to private places (for example, entrance door signs) and not necessarily businesses.

Laser cutting of cork for an Interior sign
Laser cutting of cork for an Interior sign

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor signs?

Interior signage is usually more accessible to us: it is at eye level and within touching distance, and as a result, it is subject to closer scrutiny. We tend to look into it more and seek for the beauty and sophistication in it. Proper design and selection of appropriate materials affect us both on the conscious and unconscious levels.

On the other hand, outdoor signage will usually be larger, as it is usually placed farther away from the observer. The materials from which it is made will be more resistant, both to sun, wind and rain and sometimes even to vandalism.

Wooden entrance sign - laser engraving on oak
Wooden entrance sign - laser engraving on oak

What are the advantages of laser cutting of signs?

  1. You can produce precise graphics - cut letters, logos and sharp corners.
  2. You can cut a variety of materials.
  3. Possibility to offer solutions for complicated cuts, not just letter cuts or basic shapes.
  4. Final and high quality finish - there is usually no need for any further polishing, painting or processing.
  5. Production speed - starting production Once the file is closed, there is no need to create tools and / or templates.
  6. Use of common and cheap materials.
  7. Production costs are relatively low (without coloring, computer-level design and no prototype required)
  8. Design outside the framework of layers, using the pins and relying on machine accuracy.
  9. High repetition - It is easy and convenient to produce parts of a sign or another sign in the future.

Laser Engraving an entrance sign on a solid eucalyptus wood
Laser Engraving an entrance sign on a solid eucalyptus wood