Greeting Cards

Laser cutting of Greeting Cards for 'Rosh Hasha' (The Jewish New Year)
Laser cutting of Greeting Cards for 'Rosh Hasha' (The Jewish New Year)

Greeting cards are a traditional way to greet or to express feelings toward someone we care about. The variety of cards is huge, from holiday cards (Rosh Hashanah, Passover or Shavuot cards) to special occasions such as birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah to wedding greeting cards. Greeting cards can contain a quote, a saying or a printed greeting, but there is usually a dedicated place to write something personal that comes from the heart.
Greeting cards can be in the form of a letter, folding card, or a postcard in an envelope. They may have laser-cut elements that enriches and upgrades any card when well designed.

Laser cutting of Greeting cards

Each printed card can be upgraded with laser cutting or laser marking that create a unique greeting card for every occasion with an unique personal statement and a hand-made touch. When you wish to surprise with a special greeting card that will stimulate emotion, consider laser cutting to add personal touch and look for your Greeting cards.

3D greeting cards

The most surprising are the three-dimensional greeting cards, which combine several papers and several colors. These cards are creative cards with sophistication and are designed to the details.
Another example are folding cards known as pop-ups greeting card. Pop-up cards come folded and while opening the card, a three-dimensional image is revealed and make a dramatic effect. Planning a card of this type is complex and requires great creativity, but the result can be as spectacular as the number of details cut in it.

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