Laser cutting of copper - 1 mm thick
Laser cutting of copper - 1 mm thick

Copper is a soft metal with an excellent electrical conductivity (inexpensive in relation to other conductive metals) and with an excellent heat conductivity, which is intended for use in places where heat should be transported from one place to another. It has an orange-golden color and is recyclable. Over time and under moist air conditions, the copper gets a naturally green coating (patina) that protects it from oxidation.It is one of the ancient metals used by man, used for the manufacture of coins, tools, household utensils, pipes and means of decoration. Today it is used in a wide variety of uses such as: electric grounding strips, cooling elements for electronic systems and computers, tools for the culinary field, musical instruments, furniture and accessories, printed electronic circuits, art and sculpture. It is also serves as a component in the production of alloys such as brass and bronze.

Copper is extracted from mines around the world and is refined by breaking the ore into particles, washing and filtering it from other materials with water, grinding to grains, and other treatments with melting and chemical substances.

Laser cutting of Copper

In Lasercut4 we cut copper up to a thickness of 1 mm and hold a variety of thicknesses in stock.

Aa a reflective metal copper is more difficult to cut using laser technology in comparing to less reflective metals such as still. With the proper laser cutting machine we can cut copper and get great details and high levels of accuracy when using thin sheets up to 1 mm in thickness. The cut edge is uniform and with a fine quality. Laser cutting of copper is used in the field of electricity and electronics, in the manufacture of parts for electric conduction, in the jewelry Industry for the production of pendants and as a basis for enamel jewelry and other fields of art to create decorative elements.

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