General guidelines for making laser files


Files containing vectors - DXF ,AI ,CDR ,PDF, EPS, DWG.

Raster files only - any graphic file. The quality of the result depends on the file quality.

The graphic dimensions in the file - in the size of the raw material - are enclosed in a rectangle.

Double lines - avoid double lines, it extend the cutting time, damage the finish of the product and may burn the raw material.

Line color - Marking - in Black / Cutting - in Red.

Raw materials - Please check what is available in our inventory and in what dimensions, and adjust the drawings to the size of the raw material.

Minimum distance between cutting lines - depending on the material usually 1 mm or more (also less in certain types of paper).

Minimum distance from the edges of the material - it is recommended to leave 1-2 cm, but at least a minimum of 5 mm from each side.

We only accept files by Email, we will not accept files from Disk On Key or other memory cards.

We acquire and possess a wide range of quality raw materials for use by our customers.
In addition, it is possible to supply materials that we do not hold in stock (in coordination with us).
It is not possible to provide materials that are available in our stock except for exceptions.
No warranty will be given to the results of the work and / or raw materials / parts / products provided by the customer.

More detailed information can be found in the Advanced Instructions for Preparing Files. article