10 Guidelines for proper work with Lasercut4

  1. Line types - laser cutting process ignores the thickness of the drawing line because the line represents the path that the laser beam should pass between two points. Special lines (for example, a dotted line) must be transformed into an object (actually a number of objects) in order not to be interpreted as a continuous line.

  2. The thickness of the raw materials may be high or low by several percent of the specified thickness, depending on the type of material and the manufacturer. This deviation can affect the design of parts based on connections based on material thickness. In such a case consult with us before making the cut to understand the possible consequences.

  3. The raw material in stock comes in fixed sizes. The drawing file must contain a rectangle that defines the size of the raw material with a minimum of 5 mm margins on each side, and a sufficient margin should be maintained between the parts and the perimeter.

  4. The machine's working bed allows exhaust of smock and other cutting products. Parts smaller than 10 mm may fall from the slots on the working bed and be sucked by the exhaust system.

  5.  Stencils and numbers - Laser cutting of colored acrylic

    Stencils and numbers - Laser cutting of colored acrylic

  6. The amount of material burned or vaporized at the cut line (thickness of the cutting line) varies from material to material and is affected by the material type, thickness and density of the material. In general, the higher the thickness of the material, the higher the beam strength, which increases the gap of the cutting line. In cases where the final size of the part must be accurate, it is best to adjust the drawing in advance.

  7. All the raw materials we cut in a laser are flammable at one level or another. Large proximity between cutting lines may cause the material to burn between the lines and even flare up. Every time the laser beam cuts, a small amount of raw material burns on both sides of the beam. When drawing very close lines, we will reach a situation where no material will remain between these lines. In cases of dense graphics, we recommend that you send the file by Email and consult with us before doing the work.

  8. Any object / line that exists in the file will be cut even if it is not visible when you open the file. The cutting file should contain only lines need to be cut or marked. Hidden lines, hidden layers, or hidden objects that should not be cut, such as: dimensions, text, lines of measure, etc. should not be in the drawing file.

  9.  Laser cutting of mechanical part made of Delrin

    Laser cutting of mechanical part made of Delrin

  10. engraving a wide area increases working time and increases the price accordingly. The laser beam, which has a small impact area, should cover the entire surface and process it, in a process similar to filling a coloring book with a thin pen.

  11. Text and numbers that need to be cut / engraved should changed into an object type. Text defined as an object / line will retain its shape according to the selected font and will not change to another font when opening in our software.

  12. With Lasercut4, deliveries can be made to the house / business usually in 3 business days to most parts of the country. Because there are exceptional areas, it is necessary to make sure in advance if delivery is possible.

This way you can order and do the work remotely - send an Email, choose raw material from stock, arrange payment by phone and get the job to your location with courier.

LaserCut4 specializes in laser cutting with a precise technology, high quality and cutting services for a wide range of customers, starting from companies and businesses, through the community of designers, kindergartens to private individuals and students. Cutting is done in a variety of materials such as wood, Acrylic, paper, fabrics, rubber, silicon and more.

We invite you to be impressed by our abilities and to use our knowledge in any questions you may have.