Case study - 'COFIX' coffee cup carrier

The development of the coffee-carrier began as a thought exercise, at the bottom of which was the question, "Can the existing coffee cups carrier be improved?" The initial focus was on improving the stability and safety needed to carry hot drinks, but the new concept brought with it two other equally significant advantages: increasing the carrying capacity from 2 to 3 cups and lowering the overall price.

The new carrier designed to actually embrace the coffee cup fr the upper part of it compared to the familiar carriers that require both bottom and side support to prevent the spill of the drink.

With much less material you get a much tighter grip and a more comfortable caring of the drink: like holding a hand bag versus a package. In the stage of proof of concept and feasibility stages, plain paper was used to hold large, normal paper cups full of water, but later on the paper was replaced with E-flut cardboard type, resulting in a more rigid and durable product that also introduce minimalism and gives the user a sense of confidence in carrying 3 cups filled with hot liquid.

development of the coffee-carrier for 'cofix'

In the final stages of the development, several models of the product were presented to one of the 'Copix' chain store partner, mrs. Hagit Shinover, who chose a model that allows carrying three cups of coffee (additional options of carriers were presented for 4 and 5 cups).

coffee-carrier development made of carton for 'cofix'

development of the coffee-carrier for 'cofix'

The selected design was minimalist and gave the best ratio of strength to material quantity (for cost considerations) without compromising ease of use. The new design stands out in its simplicity, so the production process is faster and cheaper than the familiar carrier. In order to maintain a low price and convey simplicity, it was decided not to brand the carrier.

Other benefits of the new carrier:

  • Immediate transition from flat mode to caring mode, without the need for complicated folding and assembly.
  • Made of one part without adhesion and virtually no failure points.